Xel was made by Deaku the Puppet Master as a minion. he makes all of the puppets that can be found in Deaku’s lair. He has unmoving, unfeeling eyes that can send chills down the toughest of creatures’ spines.
it is unknown what Xel uses to make puppets or what the string that he uses is made of. one thing is certain though, stay far, far away from him. a good few people have disappeared due to an encounter with him.

Literally a floating eyeball. this creature has no emotions. its tail can catch on fire but it is not always on fire. when powering up, it encases itself in a fire bubble. it can catch large areas on fire and extinguish it in a flash. Ibleye uses its tail to take control of other living creatures.

PseudoNightmare, or better known in Pseudotale as Nightmare, is rumored to be an amalgam experiment gone wrong. the story that PseudoDream told everyone in the OverGround is that Imagination was trying to deamalgamatise an amalgamate but it only deteriorated further and that when he tried to regenerate it to try again, it charged it, making PseudoNightmare. Nightmare is always showing up and attacking Dream, who easily and quickly defeats him. he is thought to be a vicious creature without a soul but Frisk’s encounter with him proves otherwise.

I got an idea the other day for a new AU. It’s most likely already taken, but I thought I’d give it a go anyways.

The basic idea is that Sans is trapped in a simulation that is very believable. This simulation plays with all of the different things that Frisk could do while in the underground and randomizes responses. Almost every detail is exact to the world of Undertale, except for the fact that Frisk does not remember the resets. Sans was meant to believe that he was the only one who knew about the resets and that Frisk was the one causing them. Eventually, Sans will either go insane or will figure out that it isn’t real.

I will make art and (hopefully) a comic series to match the story. The character designs are very close to the original undertale characters except there are slight modifications in color, structure, or personality.