Heeey! its meeeee! ha this is my “Fursona”. i am a ghost that can only interact with the living world with my tail. i like to draw, make music, and play games. i also freaking LOVE undertale and all of its AUs. i have one of my own. its called PseudoTale. its kinda dark cause oooh edgy. i use a lot of emojis cause i can sometimes come off as rude. im kinda anti social and awkward but am happy when someone comes to me with a topic i like and can talk about. im also a big sonic fan and am kinda sad that my favorite characters are long forgotten. (my favorites are Eclipse the Darkling, Mephiles the Dark, Scourge, and Shard the Metal)

im not sure what else to write other than im on FlightRising as BlazingPhoenix01 and im also on Sylestia and PokefarmQ by the same name.

Vita is an ethereal doll that Deaku the Puppet Master made. she is his most prized creation since she holds the innocence that he once had. she wants to heal and help anyone she comes across. even if that person tries to hurt her, she will still help them. she knows no pain.

The Blazing Phoenix (left) has been at war with Tempered Chaos (right) since the beginning of time. Tempered Chaos ages while The Blazing Phoenix does not. The name of Tempered Chaos has been passed down to the most vicious of the Terror Birds. The current Terror Bird that holds this name is a tough female that grew the alpha horns of a male. her right horn is broken off at the tip.