I recently got a new art program called SAI Tool. I’m now a lot more confident in my drawing abilities. I’d even say that I’m ready to start taking requests. (art requests about page-http://elementcreatures.com/art-requests/ )

I live in the USA and I use a Wacom Tablet for my drawings. Sometimes I do my art on lined paper and take a picture of it with my phone so that I can transfer it to the computer. I find that technique easier and faster than using our perfectly fine scanner.

I originally created the Element Creatures as cats. I made them based off of the different worlds and bosses in the Ds version of Sonic Colors. The original cats were Tic-Tac, Velocity, Abominis, Hope, Freedom (Courage), Vapor, Wisper, Nega, and Skull.

Eventually, I started drawing wolves to go with my cats. The original Element Wolf was Night Crawler. I don’t remember which ones came after that, but they just kept coming and before I knew it, there were at least 13 types.