Xel was made by Deaku the Puppet Master as a minion. he makes all of the puppets that can be found in Deaku’s lair. He has unmoving, unfeeling eyes that can send chills down the toughest of creatures’ spines.
it is unknown what Xel uses to make puppets or what the string that he uses is made of. one thing is certain though, stay far, far away from him. a good few people have disappeared due to an encounter with him.

Literally a floating eyeball. this creature has no emotions. its tail can catch on fire but it is not always on fire. when powering up, it encases itself in a fire bubble. it can catch large areas on fire and extinguish it in a flash. Ibleye uses its tail to take control of other living creatures.

K-BEC is the leader of the horse robots that were sent to destroy rogue robots. Sadly enough, it went rogue… When faced against its latest target, B-ACA, it was defeated and went mad. K-BEC now chases B-ACA with his minion, A1-CIA.

Pengu was a one inch crochet kitten that my mom made. I noticed while she was making it that it looked like a penguin from the right angle because of a small white pattern on his face. From then on, we called it Pengu. She was trying to sell it along with a few other kittens that she made. I got so attached to it that I didn’t want her to sell it. Eventually, I just asked if I could keep him and she said I could. He became my favorite pocket toy. I brought him everywhere with me. I even put him in a ring box covered in masking tape so I wouldn’t lose him. Naturally, I lost him about two or three years after I got him. While visiting family in Independence, I went to climb a tree and left my jacket under the tree. Pengu was in the jacket along with my favorite cat plush that I’ve had most of my life. The jacket was gone the next day.

Pengu’s character story is that he carries many bells with him wherever he goes. The bells make a pleasant noise that calms those that hear them. Every century, another bell permanently attaches itself to Pengu’s collar. The bells around his paw are the ones that he gives away to people that need happiness.

His wings and bells do not cast shadows.