PseudoNightmare, or better known in Pseudotale as Nightmare, is rumored to be an amalgam experiment gone wrong. the story that PseudoDream told everyone in the OverGround is that Imagination was trying to deamalgamatise an amalgamate but it only deteriorated further and that when he tried to regenerate it to try again, it charged it, making PseudoNightmare. Nightmare is always showing up and attacking Dream, who easily and quickly defeats him. he is thought to be a vicious creature without a soul but Frisk’s encounter with him proves otherwise.

For a While, Undyne was the leader of the royal guard until Gradient proved to be worthy of being called a true boss monster. After that, Gradient became the leader and Undyne was quickly demoted to secondary commander. The Commander was Sans. Undyne didn’t like Sans very much because he was really lazy and yet was able to push her to third in the royal guard. She still thinks that if she can defeat Sans in a fight, maybe she’ll be promoted to commander. When Papyrus disappeared, she became jumpy, as did Sans. In a fit of rage and desperation, San attacked Undyne when she asked about Papyrus. She, naturally, responded by flinging a spear in Sans’ direction. The spear hit Sans directly above his right eye and he was thought to have died from the wound. Undyne disappeared a week after.

Mettaton is not buying it… If you try to make an excuse for being late, it’s not likely that Mettaton will let you go to class without a late slip. In Psuedotale, Mettaton is addressed as female most of the time, although he/she doesn’t really care which gender they’re labeled as. (To make this less confusing, Mettaton will be called by “they, them” pronouns.) Mettaton is a 3rd grade teacher who runs an after-school drama program. While in the underground, Mettaton spent most of their time helping Napstablook¬†with everyday life and, on the side, ran a television program called MTTTV. Mettaton’s life wasn’t too exciting, in fact, they weren’t very popular until they became a teacher in the Overground.