I got an idea the other day for a new AU. It’s most likely already taken, but I thought I’d give it a go anyways.

The basic idea is that Sans is trapped in a simulation that is very believable. This simulation plays with all of the different things that Frisk could do while in the underground and randomizes responses. Almost every detail is exact to the world of Undertale, except for the fact that Frisk does not remember the resets. Sans was meant to believe that he was the only one who knew about the resets and that Frisk was the one causing them. Eventually, Sans will either go insane or will figure out that it isn’t real.

I will make art and (hopefully) a comic series to match the story. The character designs are very close to the original undertale characters except there are slight modifications in color, structure, or personality.

For a While, Undyne was the leader of the royal guard until Gradient proved to be worthy of being called a true boss monster. After that, Gradient became the leader and Undyne was quickly demoted to secondary commander. The Commander was Sans. Undyne didn’t like Sans very much because he was really lazy and yet was able to push her to third in the royal guard. She still thinks that if she can defeat Sans in a fight, maybe she’ll be promoted to commander. When Papyrus disappeared, she became jumpy, as did Sans. In a fit of rage and desperation, San attacked Undyne when she asked about Papyrus. She, naturally, responded by flinging a spear in Sans’ direction. The spear hit Sans directly above his right eye and he was thought to have died from the wound. Undyne disappeared a week after.

K-BEC is the leader of the horse robots that were sent to destroy rogue robots. Sadly enough, it went rogue… When faced against its latest target, B-ACA, it was defeated and went mad. K-BEC now chases B-ACA with his minion, A1-CIA.

Mettaton is not buying it… If you try to make an excuse for being late, it’s not likely that Mettaton will let you go to class without a late slip. In Psuedotale, Mettaton is addressed as female most of the time, although he/she doesn’t really care which gender they’re labeled as. (To make this less confusing, Mettaton will be called by “they, them” pronouns.) Mettaton is a 3rd grade teacher who runs an after-school drama program. While in the underground, Mettaton spent most of their time helping Napstablook¬†with everyday life and, on the side, ran a television program called MTTTV. Mettaton’s life wasn’t too exciting, in fact, they weren’t very popular until they became a teacher in the Overground.

Napstablook will snap at you and then start apologizing excessively. He isn’t one to start fights but somehow ends up in them anyway. He has horrible memory problems and needs to be reminded to do something every couple of minutes or he’ll forget. When Mettaton left, Napstablook was lost. For a while, he mourned and searched for Mettaton. After a couple months, he forgot about him completely. Not knowing who he used to be or who his family was, Napstablook began wandering the Overground aimlessly. He shows up at Grillby‘s every now and then, finding it to be a place of comfort and recognition.

Grillby is often lost in thought and appears to have knowledge of the different AU’s. He carefully studies everything around him and never forgets a single detail of an event. He also enjoys being mysterious and refuses to answer questions that may reveal a mystery’s end (but he is known to give excellent hints). Even though he’s very quiet, he knows more about the world than most people do. The kitchen of his diner is always a mess and is rarely used. People mainly go to Grillby’s for a drink or to socialize, though the few who order food find that it’s better than what most places serve.

Aquatic wyrvs are very rare and larger than normal wyrvs. They skim the surface of the ocean at night for boats to play around with. If they do find a boat, they will push it around and sometimes tip it over for fun. Their wing webbing is delicate and will tear easily if they get caught in nets or fishing line. Although they are aquatic, these wyrvs can fly for short periods and survive on land for up to an hour if they get washed ashore. They eat sharks, jellyfish, and schools of larger fish. If desperate, they will attack whales, orcas, and dolphins. Two aquatic wyrvs rarely meet. If one does come across another, the two will stick together for life. Wyrvs have no way to reproduce since they are volts that “evolved” due to the power of lightning.

Pengu was a one inch crochet kitten that my mom made. I noticed while she was making it that it looked like a penguin from the right angle because of a small white pattern on his face. From then on, we called it Pengu. She was trying to sell it along with a few other kittens that she made. I got so attached to it that I didn’t want her to sell it. Eventually, I just asked if I could keep him and she said I could. He became my favorite pocket toy. I brought him everywhere with me. I even put him in a ring box covered in masking tape so I wouldn’t lose him. Naturally, I lost him about two or three years after I got him. While visiting family in Independence, I went to climb a tree and left my jacket under the tree. Pengu was in the jacket along with my favorite cat plush that I’ve had most of my life. The jacket was gone the next day.

Pengu’s character story is that he carries many bells with him wherever he goes. The bells make a pleasant noise that calms those that hear them. Every century, another bell permanently attaches itself to Pengu’s collar. The bells around his paw are the ones that he gives away to people that need happiness.

His wings and bells do not cast shadows.