Hue is my own character that i made as a companion to Ink sans. He acts like a large dog and doesn’t seem to ever stop growing. Originally, Hue was named Pup and was made of paint, and therefor didn’t have a soul. Ink was eventually given a chance to absorb a human soul, but refused and gave it to Pup. Pup then decided on the name Hue and continued to help Ink.

its a lot more complex but this is all i have time for. enjoy.

This is part two of a two piece that i did.

I don’t know the full story of Error, but I do know that he is a pain to fight. Also, he likes to delete things. That’s why Error and Imagination are fighting. Imagination doesn’t want to be deleted while Error wants to delete him.

yup. i have no clue what else to put here. enjoy.

This is one of two in an art set that I did. He is fighting Error.

Imagination is from an AU called Psuedotale.

Imagination is a scientist version of sans that is less successful and has an amalgam count of 135. He has been testing his soul splitting theories and no longer has any friends left because of it. One day, Flowey pointed out that Imagination had no friends. When he replied that he was friends with Ink sans, Flowey shot back by saying that Ink would soon join the pool of mutated husks that were the amalgams. Saying the rest here would spoil my comic series that I’m making.

These eels are extremely poisonous and come out of no where. Most bite with toxins enough to kill a bear.


Common Acid Eel- This eel isn’t too much to worry about but it still has quite the bite. Once it does bite something, it won’t let go until it can eat the thing it bit.


Translucent Acid Eel- This eel is the master of camouflage and hides in the murkiest of acid to remain hidden. It sprays a vile ink-like substance to get away from predators.


Acid Spine Eel- Thankfully one of the rarer eels, the Acid Spine Eel has not only poison but also the ability to electrocute its predators and prey.


Blue-Ridge Acid Eel- Of all of the Acid Eels, the Blue-Ridge Acid Eel is able to be eaten once the toxins in the spine have been removed. It is the second least dangerous of the Acid Eels.


Black Acid Eel- This is one of those eels you don’t want hunting you, they hunt in swarms and are the most intelligent of the Acid Eels.


Death’s Acid Eel- As its name suggests, it is the most toxic Acid Eel and has the worst bite. This is the eel you have to look out for when swimming, it can live in any kind of water and acid.