These eels are extremely poisonous and come out of no where. Most bite with toxins enough to kill a bear.


Common Acid Eel- This eel isn’t too much to worry about but it still has quite the bite. Once it does bite something, it won’t let go until it can eat the thing it bit.


Translucent Acid Eel- This eel is the master of camouflage and hides in the murkiest of acid to remain hidden. It sprays a vile ink-like substance to get away from predators.


Acid Spine Eel- Thankfully one of the rarer eels, the Acid Spine Eel has not only poison but also the ability to electrocute its predators and prey.


Blue-Ridge Acid Eel- Of all of the Acid Eels, the Blue-Ridge Acid Eel is able to be eaten once the toxins in the spine have been removed. It is the second least dangerous of the Acid Eels.


Black Acid Eel- This is one of those eels you don’t want hunting you, they hunt in swarms and are the most intelligent of the Acid Eels.


Death’s Acid Eel- As its name suggests, it is the most toxic Acid Eel and has the worst bite. This is the eel you have to look out for when swimming, it can live in any kind of water and acid.

Broodnis is the brood-mother of the Dark Chaos alien collective. She is usually very kind but will attack viciously if someone threatens the nursery. Broodnis is very well respected and is the largest unit of the Dark Chaos. Although she doesn’t appear to have a mouth, she really does. Her bottom jaw is the tentacle-like tongue running along what appears to be her chin. That part opens and reveals two rows of extremely sharp teeth on the top and bottom.

Skull isn’t really the friendly type. He had a long, hard past of being abandoned and forgotten. He was born without his bottom jaw and without his twin brother. Skull was cast out of the group since his siblings didn’t think that he would survive their travels. He was later found by a large saber-tooth lion named Saber. Saber took care of Skull for a while until they ran into Nega and Skull started a battle that he then lost. He sank away into the shadows in hopes not to be found again.

Sweet Mountain isn’t just full of candies and amazing adventures, it also has some of the most disgusting greens of all time. The No-Zone Vine is the leader of these horrible greens. The forbidden zone within Sweet Mountain is a place that no one wants to talk about. Other than that, this zone has the multiverse’s best candy selection. There are no restrictions on what candy you can pick as long as you leave some to regrow. Wait… No! You! Stop eating that signpost!!!


This is Velocity, a fast, chattery Lynx / Cheetah mix. Her temper gets the better of her at times and she storms off to her secret resort. Regardless of her temper, she is still kind at heart and means well. Her loud voice doesn’t help when it comes to calming someone down though. Her sister, Whisper takes care of that.

Although she does have wings, she is flightless. They are only used for sharp turns or muffling short falls. She races almost nonstop around Terminal Velocity, hoping one day to win back her #1 spot in the ranks.

The Gear Room is more than a room of gears, it leads to a universe of creatures that we call the Element Creatures. This mini-universe is called Dimensia. Not to be confused with Dementia, the mental illness. There are Cats, Wolves, Mice, Wyrms, Dragons, TerrorBirds, Phoenixes and friendly robots called Mediterraneans that fit into this category of ‘Elementals.’ Take your Sol Stone, avoid contact with Gearinis, and you’ll do fine. Have a nice time.